In the New York Times article ‘La La Land’ Is Going to Win a Lot of Oscars, and That’a O.K., the main component of the article is a podcast from Still Processing hosted by Wesley Morris, the critic at large for The New York Times and a staff writer for The New York Times Magazine, and  Jenna Wortham, a staff writer for the magazine. They cover the Oscars, Black History Month, politics and a whole lot more.

The introduction to the podcast is a short set of paragraphs mostly about the Oscars; however, the first 15 minutes of the podcast is about their personal experience, Black

Photo Credit: ltenney1225

History Month and politics.

I didn’t mind that they covered a lot of Black History Month, but I feel they could have included it in the introduction of the written portion or even made it into its own podcast because it is a relevant and interesting topic of conversation.

The rest of the podcast is them discussing the nominated movies, contemplating who will win and talking about possible surprises. They also talk about the people color who are nominated and their chances to win, also relevant.

The New York Times uses Twitter mostly as an additional platform for posting articles, but they also use it to post videos and repost articles from New York Times World. They don’t seem to interact with other Twitter users much unless they are affiliated with the New York Times.