The latest New York Times article covering the terror attack in London, published by 

Photo Credit: derwiki on Pixabay

When the article comes up on the home page, the first thing you see is a graphic of the area tracking the progression of the attack, but when you open the article the first image is of police investigators on the lawn of the Palace of Westminster.

In the first paragraph, they link to one of the first articles the New York Times released on the attack. However, the link doesn’t open to a new page, so if a reader clicks on the link to learn more about the first updates of the attack they are drawn away from this more in depth analysis of the events and attacker.

The next element a reader comes across is a video by Reuters on Prime Minister Theresa May’s response to the attack. It is a short video of her addressing Parliament. The next element that the reader comes across is an audio segment from “The Daily” that includes detailing the scene of the attack.

The last multimedia elements readers come across is another video made by a Times journalist about terror attacks in Europe and an image of police officers gathered together with the London Eye in the background. They also include a few things such as a call-to-action to sign up for their newsletter called “The Interpreter” on understanding major news stories, which is a smart element to include because the terror attack in London is a huge news story that many people will be discussing for the weeks to come.