The multimedia elements of the New York Times in the recent article “Senate Republicans Deploy ‘Nuclear Option’ to Clear Path for Gorsuch” includes multiple multimedia elements that add to the story. The header image is a photo with the option to click and turn it into a live stream video of the Senate.

They embedded fewer links in this article than in other articles, which I think is detrimental because this is a hot topic and people will likely want to read more about difference aspects of it and the parties involved. The pages they do link to are still linked in the same way where it redirects you to another page taking you away from the current article. They need to update that so they aren’t bringing people away from the content they are currently reading especially when links are embedded at the start of the article.

There are actually no single images embedded in this article. Following the header image/video, there is another video embedded closer to the middle of the article. There is also the updating graphic at the bottom of the article tracking comments. This is an interesting addition for this article, in particular, because it has such a hight number of comments. There is also a graphic which links to another page on “How Senators Voted on the Gorsuch Filibuster and the Nuclear Option,” which adds another element of multimedia interaction.